Decor Standing Prop

Human standing prop decoration

Decor Standing Prop

Material :

  • White sticker
  • Giant PPboard
  • Full Colour 1200 DPI
T&C Applied

Sesuai untuk pelbagai majlis
  • Birthday Party
  • Wedding
  • Photobooth 
  • Candybooth 


  1. You can choose your own charecter
  2. Stand can fold & keep easily 
  3. Postage Malaysia / Worldwide
  4. More cheaper if you buy more

Giraffe & Lion  (Size : 3ft)
Old farmer & Cow (A3 size)

Sofia The First
Sofia Character  (Size 3ft)
Letter Alphabet (A3 size)
Frame A1 (size)

Pooh - A3 size

Lego Movie - 3ft

You can choose your own charecter

Letter for birthday decoration

Trolls - A3 size

Hello kitty - A3 size

Unicorn Gold - A3 size

Unicorn Glitter - Gold - 3ft size
Head unicorn - A3 size

Upin & Ipin Character
3ft & A3 size

Thomas the train - A2 size

Hello Kitty - A3 size

ONE - Letter - A3 size
Polystyrene & Glitter  

Upin & Ipin - A3 size

Dinosaur Character A3 size 

Giraffe  - 3ft & A3

Number for Birthday decoration - A3 size
Material Hard Cardboard

Sofia the first / helloo kitty / spider man - A3 size

Wild Jungle theme
Lion & Girrafe combine - 3ft
Signage 5ft with wooden stand
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